Uniting Cycling Platforms: Transforming W3:Ride Cycling Community with NFTs and Blockchain Integration

W3:Ride saw a unique opportunity to unite the disparate Cycling app communities into one social platform. Nexus3 was approached to assist with the strategy and mobile development to make this possible.

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W3:Ride, an innovative fitness rewards app for cyclists, sought to gamify workouts by tracking cycling activities and rewarding users with NFT bikes and cryptocurrencies. As the company expanded, it faced challenges in developing a mobile app, creating an engaging user interface, and integrating blockchain technology.

The Opportunity

Creating a Unified and Rewarding Mobile Cycling App

W3:Ride wanted to develop a mobile app that would bring together cyclists from different platforms to provide a unique user experience, and implement Web3 technology for self-ownership of digital assets.

"We were in contact with Nexus from a very early stage regarding the app, and they instantly felt like the right partner for this project. They brought serious Web2 and Web3 skills, as well as guidance when it came to marketing and investment strategies. Above all, they believed in our project and were already members of our community before we even contacted them, so we share the same passion for what we're doing."

Thomas Pomarelle

The Solution + Results

Nexus collaborated with W3:Ride to rapidly develop a mobile app that tracked cycling activities from multiple health apps, rewarding users with NFT bikes and cryptocurrencies. Nexus designed a unique cycling experience that celebrated rides and visuals from the NFT collection, and created a proof of work system for cycling that unified health data from more than 60 different sources.

To enable interoperability across blockchain, Nexus built a 'Layer 0' blockchain bridge, enabling the exchange of assets across Polygon, Cardano, and Solana for all W3:Ride assets. Nexus also developed a new type of token powered marketplace that allowed cyclists to convert their crypto rewards into physical and digital goods through W3:Ride brand partnerships.

As a result, W3:Ride is now a unified platform for cyclists, attracting a vibrant community of global users across 80 countries. This has led to considerable adoption since its launch in late Q4 2022, with a growing base of riders riding more than 300,000 monthly miles and nearly 10,000 miles per day.


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